BMW Riderless Motorcycle

Concept to Push Safety and Autonomous Bike Driving

Source:  BMW Rider-less Bike

Future of  Mobility
BMW has unveiled a motorcycle that doesn't need a rider.  The self-driving bike is called the BMW R 1200 GS. Why would BMW create such a bike?   It's an important strive by BMW for safety and mobility system innovation for motorcycles and their drivers.

Remote Controlled Bike
The bike is a prototype that is remotely controlled by technicians. It just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas. It can take off, accelerate, go around loops and corners, slow down and stop without falling or crashing.

BMW Autonomous Mobility Research
This bike is another example of BMW exploring the world of autonomous mobility.  BMW says the rider-less bike helps them make future motorcycles and mobility systems safer and less user controlled and user intensive.  BMW believes this technology will help them create future bikes with a higher level of connectivity in the future of our personal mobility.  For more news stories on innovation, go to


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