Mercedes Vision Urbanetic Concept Vehicle

Concept Vehicle for People or Cargo

Source:  Mercedes Benz

German Precision Engineering
Mercedes Benz calls it the Vision Urbanetic.   The vehicle is autonomous, electric and unique.  It's designed to move either people or cargo, but not both together.

People Mover or Cargo Mover
Urbanetic runs on batteries and can operate autonomously.  There are interchangeable modules that go on top of the vehicle to transport either people or cargo.  The modules can be changed in a few minutes.  The people mover can accommodate 12 passengers.  There are 2 levels of seats, arranged in a circle.

Loaded with Tech
This concept vehicle is loaded with tech.  For instance, it spots pedestrians before they step off the curb into the street.  It's also connected to real-time traffic reports.  At the moment, MB doesn't have plans to bring it to market, but it is one of the most intriguing modes of travel innovation presented yet.  The vehicle was showcased by Mercedes at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.


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