Important Innovations Collection: Helmet Break Lights for Motorcyclists

Helmet Mounted Brake Light that's Sensor Activated

Important New Safety Tech for Motorcyclists
It's called BrakeFree and it's been innovated by a startup in San Jose, CA.  The device is a helmet mounted, brake light system that's activated by sensor arrays.  It detects the engine breaking, break activation, the motorcycle's deceleration and flashes a big LED illumination on the back of the helmet.  If you're a biker, it's a safety device worthy of taking a look at. For more on this innovation gear, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Helmet Break Lights for Motorcyclists: BrakeFree Smart Breaks Source:  BrakeFree Increased Safety for Motorcyclists This is an elegantly simple and needed innovation.  The...


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