Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection: Energy

Great Opportunity for a Concise Resource on the Latest in Energy Innovation

My journalist colleague Ed Kane has put together a great, easy to read book of news stories on the latest and biggest innovations impacting energy resources. In my opinion, it's need- to-know news about innovations making our world greener, cleaner, more renewable and sustainable.

Ed is a journalist who has created two national television news programs - CEO Global Foresight on PBS and CEO Corner on New England Cable News  He has authored 5 books on innovation including innovation in Travel, Energy, Robotics, AI-VR-AR and the Environment.  He is a science graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Amazon started a promotion on the Energy e-book today.  To learn more, go to Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection: Energy: Important News Amazon Kindle Today January 11, Important Innovations:  Collection - Energy e-book is being promoted at a special d...


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