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Important Innovations Collection: Latest Smartwatch with ECG

World's First Analog Smartwatch with ECG Source:  Withings Move ECG  Telling More than Time This watch turned heads at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas.  It's the first analog smartwatch with an embedded electrocardiogram.  It 's a new timepiece of innovation that allows you to time your run while monitoring your heart.  For a news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Latest Smartwatch with ECG : New Moves Source:  Withings Move ECG Withings Move ECG This watch has been named by PC Magazine the Best Wearable out of the Consum...

Important Innovations Collection: Exercising with Virtual Reality

NordicTrack Virtual Reality Exercise Bike Source:  NordicTrack Bike and Headset in Sync NordicTrack just unveiled their VR Bike at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.  It's a brand new approach to exercise.  While you're burning off calories on the bike, your mind is engaged in Virtual Reality gameplay coming in on the headset.  And, the bike and headset are in sync, meaning if your watching an object going uphill, the bike will match it and you'll be peddling uphill.  For a great news blog on this new piece of exercise innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Exercising with Virtual Reality : NordicTrack's VR Bike Source:  NordicTrack VR Cycling This exercise bike was just unveiled by NordicTrack at the Consumer Electr...

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection: Energy

Great Opportunity for a Concise Resource on the Latest in Energy Innovation My journalist colleague Ed Kane has put together a great, easy to read book of news stories on the latest and biggest innovations impacting energy resources. In my opinion, it's need- to-know news about innovations making our world greener, cleaner, more renewable and sustainable. Ed is a journalist who has created two national television news programs - CEO Global Foresight on PBS and CEO Corner on New England Cable News  He has authored 5 books on innovation including innovation in Travel, Energy, Robotics, AI-VR-AR and the Environment.  He is a science graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. Amazon started a promotion on the Energy e-book today.  To learn more, go to Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection: Energy : Important News Amazon Kindle Today January 11, Important Innovations:  Collection - Energy e-book is being promoted at a special d...

News on Important Innovations: Collection

Volume 5:  Important Innovations Impacting Environment, Climate Change, Global Warming Important Innovations:  Collection - Environment by Edward Kane We're pleased to announce that Important Innovations:  Collection, Vol. 5 Important Innovations Impacting the Environment, Climate Change and Global Warming Across Industries was published by Amazon on Christmas Eve.  The book is published both as a paperback and a Kindle e-book. The focus is the latest and most impactful innovations addressing global warming and the latest science tracking Climate Change.  It contains need-to-know news briefs on developments ranging from Harvard's solar geoengineering, China's floating solar farms, Africa's electronic waste recycling programs, Asia's Melting Glaciers, global high precision satellites tracking ice melt, a plant that clears indoor pollution and much more. To check it out go to

Important Update on Important Innovations

Important Innovations:  Collection Robotic Innovation:  Robot Band Thank you for reading our news blogs on Important Innovations and Important Innovations:  Collection.  We are journalists dedicated to providing the latest news on innovations changing our lives. My colleague Ed Kane and I have authored 4 and soon to be 5 books Important Innovations:  Collection on innovations in Travel, Robotics, AI-AR-VR and Energy.  We are about to publish book 5 on the environment on Amazon's Kindle e-books, paperbacks and audiobooks. If you have a moment to take a read and if you enjoy it, please provide a good review. We would greatly appreciate it. Having some good reviews on Kindle is vital to visibility on Amazon where millions of books are available 24/7. Important Innovations:  Collection books are fun, fast news stories we've written to provide you need- to- know information on the world's latest and greatest innovations.  You can access them on Ed's Amazon Autho