Important Innovations Collection: Exercising with Virtual Reality

NordicTrack Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

Source:  NordicTrack

Bike and Headset in Sync
NordicTrack just unveiled their VR Bike at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.  It's a brand new approach to exercise.  While you're burning off calories on the bike, your mind is engaged in Virtual Reality gameplay coming in on the headset.  And, the bike and headset are in sync, meaning if your watching an object going uphill, the bike will match it and you'll be peddling uphill.  For a great news blog on this new piece of exercise innovation, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Exercising with Virtual Reality: NordicTrack's VR Bike Source:  NordicTrack VR Cycling This exercise bike was just unveiled by NordicTrack at the Consumer Electr...


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