Important Innovations Collection: The Electric Tractor-Trailer

Zero Emissions 18-Wheeler Wonder

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All Electric Big Rigs Coming to a Highway Near You
The semi-truck pictured above is considered one of the top 50 innovations of 2018.  It's been converted from a fossil fuel burning tractor trailer into a sleek, all electric, zero emissions big rig.  The innovation technology behind the conversion has been developed by a Los Angeles based start-up company Thor.  The e-rig is named ET-One and  can carry 80,000 pounds for 300 miles on one charge.  For a news blog on this breakthrough innovation, go to Important Innovations Collection: The Electric Tractor-Trailer: Eco Friendly Big Rig Source:  Thor -  ET-One 18 Wheeler, ET-One It's a very sleek electric big rig with zero emissions.  ET-One...


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