China's Massive, Mystery Antenna

Antenna is Five Times the Size of NYC

Source:  Stock Photo of Chinese Submarine

Big Health Concerns
It's a massive experimental radio antenna that's capable of communicating with submarines in very deep water.  It's location isn't exactly clear. But the Wireless Electromagnetic Method Project was built on a site five times the size of NYC.  It's now ready to operate and start emitting low frequency radio waves.  There are big concerns about the impact on human health.

Multiple Missions
The official mission is to detect earthquakes  and minerals.  But it could also provide strategic advantages to Chinese military communications including subs.  It took 13 years to build the antenna, which occupies 1400 square miles of land.

World Health Organization
WHO has warned that exposure to high levels of ELF magnetic fields can cause damage to the central nervous system and childhood leukemia.  But, the Chinese Navy says there is no problem at the site.  They have found that a person standing on the emission site would be exposed to no more than 10 watts, which is just enough to power a couple of LED light bulbs.  For more news stories on innovation, go to


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