Important Innovations Collection: CES Top Prize - Impossible Burger

Mission Impossible - Impossible Burger 2.0 Wins CES 2019 Top Innovation Award

Source:  Impossible Foods' Impossible Burger 

Ushers in 2019 as The Year of the Vegan

This innovation "best in class" news story absolutely sizzles.  A humble vegan burger, that has been perfected by a Professor Emeritus at Stanford University and his team at Impossible Foods, has just won best in class at the global 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The competition includes 4,400 other great innovations across global industries.  The Economist nailed this year as "The Year of the Vegan".  CES just awarded the perfect vegan burger.  For a news blog on this, go to my colleague journalist Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: CES Top Prize - Impossible Burger: Vegan Burger  Top CES Innovation Prize : "Triumph for Food Engineering" Source Impossible Foods' Impossible Burger Impo...


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