The Rolls-Royce of Flying Cars

Rolls-Royce's Electric Flying Car

Source:  Rolls-Royce

Air Taxis
Rolls-Royce is prototyping an all electric flying car.  It's an EVTOL or electric vertical take off and landing air taxi concept.  The vehicle could carry 5 passengers at speeds up to 250 mph for distances up to 500 miles.  The company promises to produce a vehicle prototype by mid 2020.

Storied Jet Engine History
Rolls-Royce says it intends to play a leading role in the big, emerging flying car market given their expertise in electric technologies and aviation. They're exploring a range of electric and hybrid personal air mobility systems. The British based company makes commercial jet engines.  Rolls Royce Motor Cars is now owned by BMW and is not associated with this effort.

The concept vehicle will be powered by 6 electric propellers with low noise levels.  To take off and land vertically, the wings will rotate 90 degrees.  When the vehicle reaches cruising altitude, the propellers will fold back.  The craft will rely on several rear propellers for thrust.  The company expects to manufacture two versions of the vehicle.  An electric version for moving people around cities and a hybrid version for longer flights such as London to Paris.

Crowded Skies
There are a lot of innovators developing flying cars including Toyota, Google founder Larry Page, Terrafugia and Uber, which plans on deploying air taxis in Dallas and Dubai by 2020. For more news stories on important innovation, go to


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