World First - SUV with Total Connectivity

Byton M-Byte All-Electric SUV

Source:  Byton's M-Byte

German-based Electric Car Startup Byton
Byton's all electric SUV the M-Byte has just been unveiled and the German innovation company says it will be available by mid-2019 in the US.  This SUV is loaded with innovation that includes artificial intelligence, 5G, total connectivity, and a 48 inch display that's the width of the vehicle

Driving and Totally Connected
Byton is rolling out two all-electric models this year.  The entry level has a 250 mile range on one charge and starts at $45,000.  The second model has a bigger battery, bigger price tag and a range of 320 miles on one charge.  This is the first vehicle in the world that can provide full connectivity while driving.  It has built-in 5G and multiple antennas.

Driving Tech
Inside the vehicle, there's a huge 48" display on the dashboard that spans the width of the SUV.  There's  a stationary driver's 7" tablet that's mounted in front  of the steering wheel. There's another 8" tablet between the two front seats that can be used by voice or gesture.  There's also an autonomous driving option.  And, Alexa the Amazon Assistant is onboard.

Global Reach
Byton is an impressive technology company with headquarters in Germany and operations in Los Angeles, Santa Clara, Hong Kong and Beijing.  Byton says it will launch another model, the K-Byte, in 2021 and a third in 2023.  For more news stories on innovation, go to



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