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World First - SUV with Total Connectivity

Byton M-Byte All-Electric SUV Source:  Byton's M-Byte German-based Electric Car Startup Byton Byton's all electric SUV the M-Byte has just been unveiled and the German innovation company says it will be available by mid-2019 in the US.  This SUV is loaded with innovation that includes artificial intelligence, 5G, total connectivity, and a 48 inch display that's the width of the vehicle Driving and Totally Connected Byton is rolling out two all-electric models this year.  The entry level has a 250 mile range on one charge and starts at $45,000.  The second model has a bigger battery, bigger price tag and a range of 320 miles on one charge.  This is the first vehicle in the world that can provide full connectivity while driving.  It has built-in 5G and multiple antennas. Driving Tech Inside the vehicle, there's a huge 48" display on the dashboard that spans the width of the SUV.  There's  a stationary driver's 7" tablet that's mounted