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Journalist Edward Kane's Sixth Book on Important Innovations Just Published

My journalist colleague Ed Kane's book "Important Innovations Collection - Travel, Vol. 2" has just been published in paperback and as an e-Book on Amazon and Kindle.  He is the author of six books on innovation including Artificial Intelligence, Environment, Travel, Robotics and Energy.  Ed is a highly successful journalist who has created a national television program on breakthrough innovation on PBS - CEO Global Foresight and CEO Corner on NECN, airing in New England.

To learn about his latest book - Travel, Volume Two, go to Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection Travel: New Book - Travel Innovation - Vol. 2 Rapid Acceleration in Travel Innovations My sixth book - Important Innovations Collection - Tr...    And to see his series of 6 books on the latest in global innovation, go to   If you like you can borrow these books for free.


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