BMW's Vision of Driving Future

Vision INEXT Concept Car

BMW's Concept Car Vision INEXT

Intersection of Driver, Car and Digital World
This concept car is a unique vision from BMW on the future of driving.  Their concept car BMW Vision INEXT explores intelligent connectivity as a key part of personal mobility.  This concept vehicle is a great example of how a driver, vehicle and the digital world can connect and enjoy breakthrough innovation.

Connected Beauty on Wheels
BMW's vision that it is developing is an autonomous, intelligent vehicle with a "living space on wheels". You might think of it as your favorite space or living room on wheels in an autonomous vehicle so intelligent you don't need to think about the driving.  There's an intelligent driving system that becomes visible if you want it to.

Intelligent Personal Assistant
A big component of BMW's vision is their Intelligent Personal Assistant.  This is an interactive, mixed reality VR experience set for 2025.  This would integrate all aspects of your drive like ETA's, appointments, shopping, real-time voice and video communications with your home and office and a lot more.  Sounds like life in a 360 communications sense on wheels.


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