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Aston Martin-Rolls Royce Flying Taxi Concept

  Flying Taxi Volante Vision is "Beauty in Motion"                                                                 Source:  Aston Martin Volante Vision A Flying Car That James Bond Would Love In his many movies, super spy, 007 James Bond's car of choice was always an Aston Martin.  Aston Martin's futuristic concept vehicle Volante Vision would take his breath away.  Volante Vision is an autonomous, hybrid electric flying taxi.  The vehicle is an e-VTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) that seats three adults.  A revolutionary piece of personal travel mobility, the EV is fully autonomous and is designed for urban and inner city travel. Volante Vision takes off and lands like a helicopter.  Aston Martin says its purpose is to provide fast, efficient and congestion free travel. The company says the EV redefines "beauty in motion." Latest Technological Innovations With the concept vehicle, Aston Martin is exploring new technologies for use in personal mob

Hyundai's Walking Electric Car

  A Car That Walks                                             Source:  Hyundai Tiger Combines Robotics with Transportation South Korean automaker Hyundai is taking a leading role in the future of transportation innovation. It just unveiled its latest concept vehicle - Tiger - an electric, autonomous driving & walking car.  The vehicle innovatively combines robotics with transportation.  Hyundai calls it a UMV or ultimate mobility vehicle.  It is designed to change from a 4 wheel drive vehicle for road and off-road travel to a 4 leg walking vehicle when necessary to climb over obstacles that it can't drive over.  Tiger stands for Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot. Fully Autonomous Tiger is designed to be driverless and crewless with no passengers onboard. It is all electric and runs on four electric engines, each on top of each wheel.  It is fully autonomous.  Its purpose is to carry packages, material and payloads to hard to reach places, including disaster areas

Mercedes Vision Urbanetic Concept Vehicle

Concept Vehicle for People or Cargo Source:  Mercedes Benz German Precision Engineering Mercedes Benz calls it the Vision Urbanetic.   The vehicle is autonomous, electric and unique.  It's designed to move either people or cargo, but not both together. People Mover or Cargo Mover Urbanetic runs on batteries and can operate autonomously.  There are interchangeable modules that go on top of the vehicle to transport either people or cargo.  The modules can be changed in a few minutes.  The people mover can accommodate 12 passengers.  There are 2 levels of seats, arranged in a circle. Loaded with Tech This concept vehicle is loaded with tech.  For instance, it spots pedestrians before they step off the curb into the street.  It's also connected to real-time traffic reports.  At the moment, MB doesn't have plans to bring it to market, but it is one of the most intriguing modes of travel innovation presented yet.  The vehicle was showcased by Mercedes at the Con