Hyundai's Walking Electric Car

 A Car That Walks

                                    Source:  Hyundai Tiger

Combines Robotics with Transportation

South Korean automaker Hyundai is taking a leading role in the future of transportation innovation. It just unveiled its latest concept vehicle - Tiger - an electric, autonomous driving & walking car.  The vehicle innovatively combines robotics with transportation.  Hyundai calls it a UMV or ultimate mobility vehicle.  It is designed to change from a 4 wheel drive vehicle for road and off-road travel to a 4 leg walking vehicle when necessary to climb over obstacles that it can't drive over.  Tiger stands for Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot.

Fully Autonomous

Tiger is designed to be driverless and crewless with no passengers onboard. It is all electric and runs on four electric engines, each on top of each wheel.  It is fully autonomous.  Its purpose is to carry packages, material and payloads to hard to reach places, including disaster areas.  It is being developed by Hyundai's New Horizon Studio, based in Mountain View, California, in partnership with Autodesk and Sundberg-Ferar.  Its roots lie in Hyundai's Elevate walking car concept first unveiled at CES 2019.

Highly Advanced Technology

The vehicle is based on a modular platform architecture, has 360  degree directional control, has a sophisticated wheel and leg locomotion system and many sensors for remote observation.  Hyundai says it can be attached to an UAV or unmanned aerial vehicle and be dropped off, picked up and charged virtually anyplace.  The company says it can function as a mobile scientific exploration platform, for instance in space, and work, here on Earth, in hard to reach disaster situations to deliver aid.

Why Tiger? Hyundai Is Redefining Mobility

New Horizons Studio leader Dr. John Suh says vehicles like Tiger allow Studio engineers and researchers to push their imaginations and totally rethink vehicle design and development to redefine the future of mobility and transportation.  The Studio is developing multiple new technologies for innovative, groundbreaking new forms of travel like Tiger.


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