EV That's 2 Forms of Transit

 EV and Motorized Unicycles

                                Source:  LADA L-ego EV

Designed for Travel in Megacities

The very futuristic looking LADA L-ego EV concept is designed to deliver multiple ways to travel around megacities.  It is a sleek, 2 seater, with zero emissions.  Incredibly, the two back wheels are removable unicycles.  The driver and passenger can remove the unicycles, which are motorized, and continue their journey on them, leaving the car parked.  The front wheels contain centrifugal fans that clean the vehicle's airspace through a filtration system.  

Universal Form of Transportation

The futuristic vehicle was designed by Gleb Danilov during an internship at LADA Design Studio in Tolylatti, Samara Oblast Russia.  The designer calls it a universal form of transportation for people getting around megacities.  It enables you to drive into the city, park the vehicle and then takeoff on the motorized unicycle. This state of the art concept vehicle is a look at the future of city travel.


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