Cadillac's Luxury Pod Concept Car PAV

 "A Mobile Living Room"

Source:  Cadillac

Luxury Robotaxi Concept

Cadillac has unveiled the Cadillac PAV, a personal autonomous vehicle that is designed to make the travel experience luxurious and comfortable.  Cadillac calls the vehicle "a mobile living room". It is a fully autonomous, driverless, electric shared vehicle designed to transport a family or friends to an event or destination. It's loaded with luxury features and amenities that you would expect from an high end, very advanced high tech, limousine service.

Advanced Technology

The concept robotaxi has an onboard AI system with advanced voice recognition.  Passengers can control the pod cabin's temperature, brightness, lights, climate control and aromatherapy through speaking or hand gestures.  The AI system understands both.  There are biometric sensors in the seats to monitor passengers' vital signs and accordingly adjust conditions in the pod.

HALO Portfolio

The PAV is a mobile luxury and technology center.  There's a display in the seating area to watch the roads that the vehicle is driving.  There is also a retractable display in the front of the PAV that greets passengers, displays their biometrics and reports how close they are to the destination.  There is even a camera onboard to take group selfies.  PAV is part of Cadillac's HALO group of potential future vehicles. PAV is Cadillac's vision of the future of luxury journeys.


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