New Robot Cleans, Sings, Talks, Jokes - Germany

 Franzi Cleans Hospital Floors, Talks, Sings & Cracks Jokes

                                Source: Dr. Rettler SERVICE

A Robot Putting Smiles on Patients' Faces

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany, a new robot named Franziska, or Franzi for short, is spotlessly cleaning the hallway floors in a Munich, Germany hospital.  And importantly she is cheering up patients, staff and visitors along the way with her talking, singing and joke-telling.  Franzi can clean floors for ten hours on a single charge.  She receives her cleaning duty commands by smart phone.  The 3.3 feet tall robot has become quite the sensation while doing highly valuable service and keeping human workers out of harms way.

Robotic Workforce in the Pandemic

Franzi is an advanced member of the robotic workforce during the pandemic.  She is stationed at Neuperlach Hospital in Munich and is part of Dr. Rettler SERVICE, a German company that specializes in hospital cleaning, which is a critical service during the pandemic.  Franzi speaks to pedestrians obstructing her cleaning route: "You need to move.  I really want to clean."  If they don't oblige, digital tears roll from her LED-light eyes.  Franzi has integrated very well in the hospital setting.  She entertains and cheers up patients and staff with her songs and banter. Franzi does have a few limitations.  She can't get into tight spaces and if caught behind an obstacle, she starts crying until rescued by a human.  In these stressful times, Franzi is bringing a smile to many faces.  Franzi was created by a company in Singapore and taught to speak perfect German.


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