Mercedes Electric Sedan Concept to Go to Market

 Electric Sedan EQS Based on Vision EQS Concept

Source:  Mercedes-Benz

Breakthrough Hyperscreen

Germany based Mercedes-Benz has previewed its upcoming electric sedan the EQS, which is based on the Vision EQS concept.  The electric sedan is expected to be offered at several different price-points and functionality levels.  A top model will provide 435 miles range on a charge.  The car is so technologically advanced that with a wave of your hand, you can open and close the sunroof.  The most anticipated feature is the EQS' innovative hyperscreen.

MBUX Hyperscreen

The brain and nervous system of the car is the MBUX hyperscreen, which is a massive OLED display system.  According to Mercedes, artificial intelligence enables the system to continuously get to know the driver progressively better.  Based on the data, the system delivers personalized infotainment and vehicle operating choices.  The hyperscreen is housed in a single piece of curved glass with haptic feedback across the front dashboard of the car. It contains a huge infotainment display, a group of digital gauges and a display screen for the front passenger to operate.  The hyperscreen shows the vehicle's navigation system and is very responsive to touch.

"Unexpected Beauty"

Mercedes has branded the EQS "unexpected beauty with a human centric interior concept".  More details on pricing and timing will be coming from Mercedes.  The electric EQS is a look at the very near future of electric driving.


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