Latest on Apple's Electric Car

Apple & Hyundai Likely to Partner on the Driverless Apple E-Car

                               Source:  Apple Artist Concept

Launch Targeted for 2024

The Apple electric car is the most anticipated and talked about Apple product in the pipeline.  The company is targeting 2024 for the launch of the all electric, driverless, zero emissions vehicle.  Apple is developing proprietary technologies for the car such as self driving software and highly advanced batteries. The big question is how will Apple mass produce the e-vehicles?

Hyundai Kia Likely Partnership With Apple

A fresh news report from South Korea indicates that it may be Hyundai and its subsidiary Kia that do the manufacturing and mass production of the Apple e-cars.  The two, South Korean global automakers may also work with Apple on the hardware and software.  Hyundai has reportedly signed an agreement with Apple to cooperate in eight strategic areas including EVs.

Apple is On Radio Silence

Apple is traditionally very quiet about any new product that it is developing.  And it has been on total radio silence about the Apple e-car and talks with Hyundai and Kia.  But it is known that Apple is continuing to develop the Apple electric car and that the first use of the new autonomous, electric vehicle could be targeted for taxi services.


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