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Inexpensive E-Car Concept You Assemble

  Hoga - a Mini Electric Car for $6,500                                            Source:  Do It Yourself Hoga New Travel Concept, Fresh Design Hoga is an intriguing new, electric car design that buyers assemble for themselves. It is the innovative idea of Los Angeles transportation designer Ryan Schlotthauer, inspired by an imagined, hypothetical collaboration between Renault and Ikea.  The designer says it combines Ikea's design philosophy and Renault's mobility program. Hoga is a modular, ultra mini, all-electric sustainable car that is priced at $6,500.  It's designed to be assembled like a piece of furniture from Ikea. It aims to be "clever, low cost and sustainable" with no compromises on passenger safety, easy usage and spacious, usable interior spaces. Ultimate Kit Car Hoga is the ultimate kit car.  It would ship in a box like a piece of Ikea furniture for assembly.   The vehicle is ultra compact - just 2.23 meters in length.  It can be a two seater or is

Hyundai Invests $52 Billion on EVs

Massive R&D Investment in Electric Cars, Autonomous Cars, Flying Cars Source:  Hyundai EV Delivering Future of Mobility by 2025 Hyundai is pouring $52 billion into the development of electrics cars, self-driving cars, flying cars, robotics for them and an "ecosystem of mobility".  The South Korean automaker says it wants to be a frontrunner in the future mobility industry.  By 2025, Hyundai wants to trade in the name "automaker" for "smart mobility solution provider". Ecosystem of Mobility Hyundai is the parent company of Kia and Hyundai.  The $52 billion R&D investment will go into two strategic areas.  One is more futuristic personal mobility vehicles like flying cars.  The other is accelerating traditional autos forward with electrification, self-driving systems, robotics and "last mile mobility".  By that Hyundai wants to combine products and services to deliver an "ecosystem of mobility" in the next decade

Daimler BMW Mobility Services FAS

New Automotive Frontier that's Looking for New Partners Source:  BMW Blog - Car2Go Car2Go Driving FAS Two global luxury brands are leading the way on new, automotive mobility for drivers.  BMW and Daimler have just announced FAS. It's a 50-50 collaboration of Daimler's Car2Go car sharing business with BMW's DriveNow, ParkNow and e-ChargeNow.  This is a burgeoning space for the automotive industry, a menu of new car sharing, parking and electric car recharging services. These mobility services could prove to be the ultimate and most important on the ground driving services for consumers before the era of flying vehicles takes-off by the mid 2020's. FAS Forward FAS is designed to give customers a wide choice across brands for the new menu of services.  Daimler and BMW are looking for collaborators as well as financial investments in the new venture.  The personal mobility space is just starting to accelerate.  These ventures are more traditional, drive on th

Important Innovations Collection: Door to Door Robots

Door to Door Delivery Robot s Source:  Amoeba Energy New Robot Mobility from Japan A team of roboticists in Japan have created a highly mobile robot that's soft bodied and able to climb any type of stairs.  It's treads are able to change form and adapt to its environment.  The inventors designed it for package deliveries and to lift heavy items such as luggage in your home.  For a great news blog, go to   Important Innovations Collection: Door to Door Robots : Soft Bodied Stair Climbers Source:  Amoeba Energy AE-01 AE-01 to Deliver Packages to Your Door A team at Amoeba Energy in Japan has ...

BMW Riderless Motorcycle

Concept to Push Safety and Autonomous Bike Driving Source:  BMW Rider-less Bike Future of  Mobility BMW has unveiled a motorcycle that doesn't need a rider.  The self-driving bike is called the BMW R 1200 GS. Why would BMW create such a bike?   It's an important strive by BMW for safety and mobility system innovation for motorcycles and their drivers. Remote Controlled Bike The bike is a prototype that is remotely controlled by technicians. It just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019 in Las Vegas. It can take off, accelerate, go around loops and corners, slow down and stop without falling or crashing. BMW Autonomous Mobility Research This bike is another example of BMW exploring the world of autonomous mobility.  BMW says the rider-less bike helps them make future motorcycles and mobility systems safer and less user controlled and user intensive.  BMW believes this technology will help them create future bikes with a higher level of connectivity in the