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New Automotive Frontier that's Looking for New Partners
Source:  BMW Blog - Car2Go

Car2Go Driving FAS
Two global luxury brands are leading the way on new, automotive mobility for drivers.  BMW and Daimler have just announced FAS. It's a 50-50 collaboration of Daimler's Car2Go car sharing business with BMW's DriveNow, ParkNow and e-ChargeNow.  This is a burgeoning space for the automotive industry, a menu of new car sharing, parking and electric car recharging services. These mobility services could prove to be the ultimate and most important on the ground driving services for consumers before the era of flying vehicles takes-off by the mid 2020's.

FAS Forward
FAS is designed to give customers a wide choice across brands for the new menu of services.  Daimler and BMW are looking for collaborators as well as financial investments in the new venture.  The personal mobility space is just starting to accelerate.  These ventures are more traditional, drive on the ground for now and include car sharing, parking and electric vehicle recharging services. The offer for new partners on FAS comes from the new BMW CEO Oliver Zipse today in a Frankfurt newspaper. He has an intuitive vision of the future of driving, right now, right on the road.


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