Important Innovations Collection: "How Dare You". Intro to Inspiring Adventure Ficti...

Intro to "How Dare You", Fiction for Girls, by Journalist Ed Kane

Inspiring Young Girls to Do Their Best 
"How Dare You" is a great fiction, adventure book for young girls.  Everyone of us faces challenges along our runs in life.  At a young age, it can be a new neighborhood that you and your family just moved into and a new school where you don't have any friends.  Enter the book's heroine Cordy and her wonderful dog Bash.

New School, Cool Running
Cordy, her teacher Ms. Mapes, Cordy's mother and Bash all contribute to starting a girl's cross country team at the new school. The result is enchanted and unimagined adventures. Cordy, Bash and the team have magical runs through a magnificent forest of firefly highways with talking animals, including opossums, owls, squirrels and birds.  The lessons of life Cordy and all of us learn along the runs are profound and leave you feeling great.  For a free Kindle borrow to experience this great children book, go to
Important Innovations Collection: "How Dare You". Intro to Inspiring Adventure Ficti...: “How Dare You” By Journalist Ed Kane.   Fictional running adventure with important life lessons for young girls.   Cordy's  Adv...


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