From Germany: A Safer Humanoid Robot Worker

New Innovation from Technical University of Munich

Source:  Technical University of Munich

Touch Sensitive Artificial Skin Makes for Safer, Accident Avoiding Robots
This is new innovation from the Technical University of Munich.  Their H-1 autonomous, humanoid robot is covered with touch sensitive, synthetic artificial skin.  The skin is composed of 13,000 separate sensors.  The sensors enable the robot to feel the touch of humans.  New algorithms made it possible to apply artificial skin to a human sized robot.

Safer Working Robots
This is an important development because of concerns about humans getting hurt working side by side with robots.  Biologically-inspired artificial skin improves the robot's sensory ability, making it possible for the robot to sense its own body and surroundings.

Senses Like the Human Brain
The robot's artificial skin is able to measure temperature, pressure, proximity and acceleration.  The sensors are an event-based system that transmits information only when a value is changed.  It works in a manner similar to the human nervous system and reduces the computer processing demand by 90%.  The artificial skin helps the robot to operate safer when near people and gives it the ability to anticipate and actively avoid accidents.  For a free listen to my audiobook "Important Innovations Collection:  Robotics", which I co-authored and narrated, go to  or


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