Norway's Top Car - Tesla

Tesla Model 3 Top Seller in Norway for Q3 2019

Norway is #1 in Electric Vehicles
Despite a sales decline, Tesla Model 3 remains Norway's top selling vehicle in Q3 2019.  This win for the all electric mid-size sedan, despite back to back sales declines in Q1 and Q2.  Norway leads the world in per-capita electric car sales.  In fact, 54.5% of all new cars sold in Norway in September were fully electric.

Norway Driving Green
Norway has a goal of ending the sale of cars with diesel or gas powered engines by 2025.  As part of the effort, the nation exempts battery powered cars from the taxes imposed on fossil fuel vehicles.

Tesla Model 3
Tesla's Model 3 electric vehicle is cheaper than the larger Model S and Model X models. Tesla is counting on it to transform Tesla into a profitable, big player in the global automotive industry.  Meanwhile, Audi and Jaguar Land rover recently introduced all electric SUVs into the Norway market, heating up the competition.


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