New Personal Cargo Robot

Gita: Designed to Carry Your Groceries, Gear, Equipment - All in Motion on Foot with You

Source:  Piaggio Fast Forward Gita

Your Personal Butler Jeeves on the Street with You
This is very cool robotic innovation, a new "Follow Me" robot named Gita, invented by Piaggio Fast Forward, a Boston startup, backed by the company that licensed Vespa.  This personal cargo robot can carry up to 45 pounds of groceries, luggage or equipment and directly follow the owner in a type of  Jeeves-like butler fashion right on the street.  It's a wheeled based bot that is designed to move like humans move.  It follows the owner with visual sensors at speeds up to 6 mph.  The company calls this tech "sustainable, mobility ecology" that lets humans walk more and drive less.

Cargo Following You Hands Free
The inventors say Gita is designed to enable humans to do less driving and do more walking by hauling their groceries and other items with a robotic cargo system.  Gita can travel on hard surfaces like sidewalks and pathways and climb inclines up to 16% while carrying a cargo up to 45 pounds. This system is hands free and moves along with the owner.

Smartest Carrier Indoors and Outdoors
The company calls it the world's smartest carrier. The robot is not autonomous. It follows the owner both indoors and outdoors. It has four hours of battery life and gets a full recharge in 2 hours.  Gita weighs 50 pounds, can carry up to 45 pounds, costs $3,250.00 and is available in mid November 2019.  I find this very innovative technology.  Let me know what you think.


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