Guiness Book: World's Largest Boat 3D Printed

Triple 3D Printing Record: Largest Object, Largest Boat, Largest Printer

Source:  University of Maine

University of Maine's Patrol Boat Dirigo
This news story is an indication of the future of boat and other manufacturing.  A team at the University of Maine just used the world's largest 3D printer (their own) to print the world's largest 3D printed boat, which also happens to be the world's largest 3D printed object.  It's a triple winner of the Guinness Book of World Records for the University of Maine.

Impressive Numbers
It took the team and the UM's 3D printer just 72 hours to 3D print the 25 foot, 5000 pound patrol boat.  It's named Dirigo, which is Maine's moto in Latin for "I Lead".  They used plastic polymer pellets and printed it in one piece.  The cost is about $40,000 and it is seaworthy.

Big Future Applications
Dirigo was designed by UM's Advanced Structures and Composite Center as a demonstration of what massive 3D printing systems are now capable of doing.  The University of Maine system is now capable of producing molds for boats, concrete casks and a lot more.  They are working with the distinguished Oak Ridge Labs in a $20 million research collaboration on using bio-based thermoplastics to create 3D printed materials that are strong, durable and recyclable.


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