Vietnam's Unhealthy Air

Sign of Rising Global Air Pollution

Source:  Vietnam Air Pollution image

Independent Group Says It's the Worst in the World
In Vietnam, the air quality has been at the unhealthy level for days.  It's so bad the government of Vietnam has advised its people to limit their outdoor activities.  The pollution problem is severe.  The causes include coal pollution, no rain and farmers burning rice crop remnants after the harvest.

May be the World's Worst Air
The levels of hazardous small particles, PM 2.5 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City exceed Vietnam standards and have been rising for a month.  As independent online monitor says the level of PM 2.5 is the worst in the world.  Children, the elderly and people with respiratory issues are being urged to stay away from traffic and any other extensive type of  outdoor activity. It' so bad in Vietnam that people are being urged to wear  masks and goggles when outdoors.  This is another stark example of the pervasiveness of dangerous air pollution globally.


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