"How Dare You" by Ed Kane Kids Audiobook

Children's Fiction Audiobook Version Headed to Retail

ACX, Audible, iTunes
The audiobook version for kids of Ed's fiction "How Dare You" is being readied for retail on ACX, Audible, iTunes and Amazon within the next few days.  This is an adventure story for children with important life lessons. The leading character is Cordy, a spunky 10 year old who finds herself at a new school, in a new place and has no friends.  There's a notable exception: her dog Bash.  The narrator is me, national TV anchor and show host Maryanne Kane.

Running Adventure Through a Magical Forest of Fireflies
Cordy remedies her lonely situation by helping to organize her new school's girls cross country team.  And that's where the running adventure takes off into a magical forest of fireflies, talking animals and a lot more.

For Ed, nothing is more inspirational than nature, like a forest that lights-up with the magic of fireflies.  And the important inspiration he saw in the joy and lessons his own daughters had as young cross-country runners.  All of that is the inspiration behind "How Dare You" now an e-book, paperback and audiobook on Kindle, Amazon, ACX, Audible and iTunes.  Here's Ed's Amazon Author's Page with all of his books on innovation and his new children's fiction "How Dare You"


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