Important Innovations Collection: Boeing & Porsche Flyng Car

Porsche & Boeing's Strategic Partnership to Develop Flying Cars

Source:  Porsche AG

2020 Prototype:  Electric VTOL
The decision by Boeing and Porsche to form a strategic partnership to jointly develop flying cars underscores the growing importance of the "personal mobility" market.  Flying cars/vehicles are expected to start creating crowded skies from 2025 and onward.  The Boeing Porsche team says they will present their developed prototype of an electric, vertical takeoff and landing vehicle in 2020.  For a great news blog on this by fellow journalist Ed Kane, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Boeing & Porsche Flyng Car: New Partnership for 2020 Prototype Source:  Porsche AG Electric VTOL Vehicle US airplane manufacture Boeing and VW's luxury spor...


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