AI Driven Stock Trading Venue

Upstart, New AI Driven Stock Venue

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Highly Innovative Stock Trading
Imperative Execution is an artificial intelligence driven, US stock trading venue operator.  It's currently going after business with the NYSE and other stock exchanges by adopting their pricing models.  The company indicates that they could also very soon list as a new stock exchange.  This is another important example of artificial intelligence impacting another key industry, in this case investing.

More Public Visibility
Imperative Execution runs IntelligentCross, which is an alternative trading system (ATS).  The ATS used AI to monitor and improve its performance in real time to save investors money.  The issue for the company is the lack of public visibility.  That's why it wants to either list as an exchange or partner with an existing exchange.

Pulling in New Subscribers
As an ATS, it's government registered, broker run and has more flexibility to innovate.  But the system's quotes don't appear on public data feeds, which greatly limits their reach to pull in new subscribers.  Hence, the upstart company's goals to distribute quotes publicly either by listing as a new exchange or partnering with a big global exchange to show off it's smart AI, new innovative approach to investing.


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