From Liquid Chaos a New Material

Adhesive With Stickiness of Gecko Legs

Source:  North Carolina State University

New Liquid Manufacturing Process
This is a new and very novel approach to manufacturing.  A new adhesive has been created by harvesting liquid driven chaos.  It's the invention of scientists at North Caroline State University.  It's said to pave the way for a new generation of soft  nanomaterials including for gels, food, pastes, nonwovens and coatings.

Stickiness of Gecko Legs
The adhesive created by the process can adhere to virtually any surface.  The team employed liquid manufacturing which involves dissolving a polymer and rapidly mixing it with another liquid.  The chaotic turbulence results in branched particles.  The thinnest particles create a corona of nanofibers that result in adhesive.  The material, according to the team, has the stickiness of Gecko legs.

New, Scalable, Inexpensive Manufacturing
This new invention is a unique manufacturing process that works with many polymers.  What's very important is that it's scalable, efficient and inexpensive and provides a new means of making materials at a micro and nanoscale level.


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