MIT's New Tech to Carbon Capture

New System to Fight Climate Change

Source:  MIT image of the system

New Carbon Capture Technology from MIT Engineers
This new technology is from MIT engineers to clean the air of CO2 and fight climate change.  Their invention removes CO2 from air streams at almost any concentration levels from the open air to emissions from power plants.  MIT says it works like a large battery and it requires low energy and low money to operate when compared to other approaches.

Like a Battery
Like a very large battery, the MIT system absorbs CO2 from a gas stream that passes over its electrodes as it charges up.  While going through the process, the device alternates between charging and discharging.  During the charging cycle, fresh air blows through the system.  During discharging, concentrated carbon dioxide blows through.  As the process is done, pure carbon dioxide is discharged.  The MIT engineers say their carbon capture tech shows the power of electrochemical approaches that require small changes in voltage to drive "the separations and blow out pure carbon dioxide".

New Company
The MIT team has developed and launched a new company Verdox to commercialize the system.  They believe there may be some big initial applications for the bottling of soft drinks and creating plant-based fuel alternatives.  


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