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Joby Air Taxis Going Public, Ready to Fly

  Joby Aviation Going Public on NYSE        Source:  Joby Aviation Big Tech Investors Behind the e-VTOL Company Electric aviation company Joby Aviation is going public on the NYSE.  It is using a reverse merger with a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) to do so.   The northern California company will come out of the box with a valuation of $6.6 billion.  Joby is a very hot "future of mobility" company.  It recently acquired Uber's flying taxi division.  Joby is backed by Toyota, Intel and Jet Blue.  And, the SPAC company it is merging with - Reinvent Technology - is run by Linked-In cofounder Reid Hoffman and Zynga founder Marc Pincus.  As part of the SPAC deal, Joby will get $1.6 billion cash. Joby is readying its flying taxis for scaled-up takeoffs in partnership with Toyota. Awesome eVTOL Technology Joby was founded by inventor JoeBen Bevirt.  He's developed an e-VTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) vehicle for use as an air taxi.  The vehicle can c

Food Delivery Co. DoorDash Going Public

  December IPO To Raise $2.8 Billion                                             Source:  DoorDash Hot Food Delivery US Startup San Francisco based startup DoorDash is expected to raise nearly $3 billion in a December IPO on the NYSE.  That would double the value of the food delivery startup.  DoorDash is expected to be one of the biggest IPO's of 2020. COVID-19 Driving Restaurant Meal Take-Outs COVID-19 has greatly accelerated demand for meal delivery services as people try to avoid going into restaurants and stores.  That has driven up business for Door Dash, which is the biggest, 3rd party delivery service for restaurants in the US. Millions of IPO Shares DoorDash is pricing 33 million shares at between $75 and $85.  At $85 per share that would give DoorDash a market cap of $27 billion.  In June during a private fundraising round, the company was valued at $16 billion.  DoorDash's backers include VC firm Sequoia Capital, Japan's Softbank and the Government of Singapore&#

Virgin Galactic Lands on Wall St.

Takes off Like a Rocket Monday But Hits a Little Choppy Air Tuesday Source:  NYSE Listed on the NYSE Virgin Galactic is the first space tourism company to land on Wall Street.  It's listed on the NYSE as SPCE.  It began trading on Monday and right out of the launch pad it soared up 5% at its debut.  It has a market cap of $1 billion. This underscores the interest of investors and the public in space tourism.   On Tuesday, the stock hit a little choppy air and as of 3PM Eastern Time is trading in the day range of $12.51 - $10.50.  Founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic CEO George Whiteside were on hand to ring the First Trade Bell on Monday to commemorate the occasion.  Sir Richard commented:  "Now anyone can invest in the future of space". Space Tourism Plans Virgin Galactic has intergalactic plans. It first wants to offer space flights to six passengers at a time for $250,000 each for trips to the weightless outskirts of space.  Trips begin in the sum

AI Driven Stock Trading Venue

Upstart, New AI Driven Stock Venue Source:  Stock Image Highly Innovative Stock Trading Imperative Execution is an artificial intelligence driven, US stock trading venue operator.  It's currently going after business with the NYSE and other stock exchanges by adopting their pricing models.  The company indicates that they could also very soon list as a new stock exchange.  This is another important example of artificial intelligence impacting another key industry, in this case investing. More Public Visibility Imperative Execution runs IntelligentCross, which is an alternative trading system (ATS).  The ATS used AI to monitor and improve its performance in real time to save investors money.  The issue for the company is the lack of public visibility.  That's why it wants to either list as an exchange or partner with an existing exchange. Pulling in New Subscribers As an ATS, it's government registered, broker run and has more flexibility to innovate.  But the

Important Innovations Collection: Virgin Galactic Going Public on NYSE

Virgin Galactic Going Public on the NYSE Source:  Virgin Galactic Space Plane World's 1st Space Tourism Company to be Publicly Listed  Sir Richard  Branson announced today that he is taking Virgin Galactic public on the New York Stock Exchange.  It will be the world's first space tourism company to be listed and publicly traded.  He's doing it by merging the company with Social Capital Hedosophia, which is listed on the NYSE. Social Capital will get a 49% stake in Virgin Galactic for $1.3 billion.  For more details, go to my fellow journalist Ed Kane's news post, at Important Innovations Collection: Virgin Galactic Going Public on NYSE : Space Tourism Headed to NYSE Source:  Virgin Galactic Space Plane World's First Listed Space Tourism Company Richard Branson is ...

New Stock Exchange - Silicon Valley Innovation

SEC Okays New Silicon Valley Stock Exchange Source:  London Stock Exchange stock image Innovation and Tech Express US regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) just approved a new stock exchange.  This will give innovation companies with high growth potential the chance to list their shares outside of traditional big New York exchanges.  The exchange is called the Long-Term Stock Exchange, LTSE and is located in the Silicon Valley of California. Entrepreneur's Idea This concept of a stock exchange for new innovation companies is the creation of entrepreneur, investor and startup advisor Eric Reis.  He raised $19 million from venture capitalists to make this happen.  It will be a Silicon Valley based national securities exchange. Reis says it will promote a unique approach to governance and voting rights.  It will also reduce short-term pressure on these emerging public companies.  The companies will also be able to dual list their shares on the NYSE and