Boston Dynamics Puts Spot on the Market

You Can Buy It for $75,000
Boston Dynamics claims that their robot dog Spot is the most advanced mobile robot in the world.  Their internet-famous Spot is now available for sale.  Boston Dynamics has been developing Spot for years.  Until now, only "select" clients could lease it. The price-tag to buy Spot is $74,500.  The robot is designed for inspections, sensing and remote operations.  Its big market opportunities are public safety, healthcare, construction and industrial uses.

Top Pedigree
Spot is a highly advanced and sophisticated robot.  It's been used in Singapore to encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  During a trial run, it created 3D maps of construction sites.  It can dance, open and hold doors.  Boston Dynamics says it can navigate autonomously, handles rough terrain and avoid obstacles.

Top Dog
Thus far, the primary customers purchasing Spot are commercial and industrial companies which, for instance, have sensors that need to be placed in dangerous locations where they don't want to put people in harms way.  And, companies are using Spot for highly repetitive tasks.  Interestingly, Boston Dynamics is working on advancing its teleoperations in order to enable customers to give  remote demonstrations of Spot on duty.  Also, Spot is small enough to be used indoors.


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