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New Robot with Martial Arts Mobility

Tencent's Jamoca  Keeps Balance on Difficult Terrain                                                                                                                                                      Source:  Tencent Jamoca Tencent Robot Walks Like Kung Fu Master Chinese technology company Tencent has created a four legged robot that has the balance of a Kung Fu master.  The robot uses cameras and visual modeling to accurately perceive its environment and perfectly coordinate eye and foot calibrations.  Just like a real dog, it can walk, run, jump and trot.  And, it can navigate a course with dangerous gaps and not fall. Highly Advanced Robotic Technology Jamoca is 3 feet tall and weighs 154 pounds.  Tencent says the robot is in the experimental stage and is being used for internal scientific research experiments in the lab.  The robot has online environment perception and optimal motion planning, which work at the millisecond level and trigger real-time motion control - the actu


Boston Dynamics Puts Spot on the Market You Can Buy It for $75,000 Boston Dynamics claims that their robot dog Spot is the most advanced mobile robot in the world.  Their internet-famous Spot is now available for sale.  Boston Dynamics has been developing Spot for years.  Until now, only "select" clients could lease it. The price-tag to buy Spot is $74,500.  The robot is designed for inspections, sensing and remote operations.  Its big market opportunities are public safety, healthcare, construction and industrial uses. Top Pedigree Spot is a highly advanced and sophisticated robot.  It's been used in Singapore to encourage social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.  During a trial run, it created 3D maps of construction sites.  It can dance, open and hold doors.  Boston Dynamics says it can navigate autonomously, handles rough terrain and avoid obstacles. Top Dog Thus far, the primary customers purchasing Spot are commercial and industrial companies

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Robodog Learns Like a Dog

Highly Advanced Robotics from FAU Source:  FAU's Astro Astro, One of the World's Smartest Robodogs Florida Atlantic University's Astro is a very smart robodog.  It's loaded with cameras, sensors, radar imaging, a directional microphone and four teraflops of processing power which enables up to 4 trillion computations per second.  Astro learns like your dog, through repetition, trial and error. It could be a big player in search and rescue, bomb detection, work as a service dog and much more.  For a great news blog on this new invention, go to Important Innovations Collection: Smart Robodog Learns Like a Dog : Astro May Be One of the World's Smartest Dogs Source:  Florida Atlantic University New Invention from Florida Atlantic University...

Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs

RoboDogs on Duty with Package Deliveries Source:  ANYmal by ANYbotics ANYmal, the Swiss-German Autonomous, Robotic Delivery System, Wows at CES 2019 The future of food and package delivery has major robotic and autonomous components.  There's a new system that is a collaborative project between German automotive company Continental and Swiss robotics company ANYbotics that wowed CES 2019. Dogs Deliver It is a robodog ANYmal and its autonomous car CUbE that drive to your home and unpacks robodog. ANYmal goes up your stairs, rings the doorbell with its paw and leaves your package, taking off with a little high-5 for itself.  For a great news blog on this emerging robotic innovation go to Important Innovations Collection: Deliveries by RoboDogs : ANYmal Delivery Robot Source:  ANYmal Delivery Robot Robots Delivering It's a 4 legged delivery robot that can walk packages ri...