New Robot with Martial Arts Mobility

Tencent's Jamoca Keeps Balance on Difficult Terrain 

                                                            Source:  Tencent Jamoca

Tencent Robot Walks Like Kung Fu Master

Chinese technology company Tencent has created a four legged robot that has the balance of a Kung Fu master.  The robot uses cameras and visual modeling to accurately perceive its environment and perfectly coordinate eye and foot calibrations.  Just like a real dog, it can walk, run, jump and trot.  And, it can navigate a course with dangerous gaps and not fall.

Highly Advanced Robotic Technology

Jamoca is 3 feet tall and weighs 154 pounds.  Tencent says the robot is in the experimental stage and is being used for internal scientific research experiments in the lab.  The robot has online environment perception and optimal motion planning, which work at the millisecond level and trigger real-time motion control - the actual steps and movements of Jamoca.  The robot can climb steps that are 23 inches high and walk across randomly placed small cylinders of varying heights.  That forces the robot to constantly adjust to maintain its balance.  All of these processes are done autonomously.  Jamoca appears to have significant capabilities for working in real world, complex, hazardous environments.


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