BMW Accelerates EV Production

 CEO Oliver Zipse's Personal Commitment to Electric Vehicles

                     Source: BMW Next Vision e-Car Concept

20% of All New BMW's Will be Electric by 2023

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse is putting BMW into overdrive for the production of electric vehicles.  The Germany based luxury car maker intends to build 1 million more electric cars than originally planned between 2021 and 2023.  It is a major commitment from the top leader of BMW to move in a very electric, zero emissions direction.

Electric Charging Infrastructure Needed

In 2020, 8% of all new BMWs sold are electric.  By 2023, CEO Zipse wants that electric vehicle number to hit 20% of all new vehicles sold.  To support the electric car and vehicle market, Zipse is calling for a dramatic increase in investment in electric charging infrastructure, both on a private and public basis.  His point is clear:  to support and accelerate driving electric and emissions free, just make electric vehicle charging easy, inexpensive and convenient.


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