Michael Jordan's Hi-Tech Golf Course

 Golf Course with Drones Delivering Beverages and Snacks

 Source: Golf Digest, TMX, Michael Jordan, The Grove

Tech-Savvy, Sophisticated, Elite Golfing

Michael Jordan is considered by many as one of, if not the greatest, basketball player of all time.  Now, the former NBA superstar, businessman, billionaire and entrepreneur has opened one of the world's most tech savvy, exclusive and elite golf courses in South Florida.  It's called The Grove XXIII, representing the #23 he wore when he played for the Chicago Bulls.  What differentiates the course is the technology.  Jordan is deploying flying drones to deliver, on order, snacks and drinks including cold beer, to golfers as they play their rounds.  

Snack & Drink Serving Flying Drones 

The course is located in Hobe Sound, Florida and opened in 2019.  It is state of the art with very sleek holes, a 15,000 foot clubhouse and snack serving, flying drones.  The drones are remotely controlled by  pilots who gently lower the food and drinks to the golfers on the course. The drones return to the clubhouse for their next round of deliveries.  The drones are replacing on course staff, adding an extra layer of protection in this time of COVID.

Golf Via Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan's The Grove is a private, very exclusive club with less than 100 members. Reports indicate that Jordan built it for himself to play golf the way he prefers.   Besides the flying drones that deliver cold beer and snacks, the golf carts can travel up to 35 mph, caddies ride on scooters for more quickness and mobility and members can play 3, 6 or 9 hole rounds as they wish.  It's a look at the future of golfing with very interesting drone technology and unique touches from a sports legend.


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