UK's Robotic Farming

 Eagle Robots Down on the Farm

                                    Source:  UK Farm Robot

                               Source:  Xihelm's Eagle Robot

Next Generation Farming

In the UK, farmers are turning to robots to help on the farm.  The robotic farming trend is accelerating because of labor shortages caused by COVID and Brexit.  One interesting startup is London based Xihelm, founded by former Google executive James Kent.  He says his Eagle robot will eventually cut the number of workers needed for harvest by 50% to 70%.

Commercial Use of Robots on the Farm

Xihelm and other startups are competing to bring farm robots into commercial use.  Experts say that could happen within several years.  What needs to be accomplished first is to perfect the artificial intelligence the robots use to pick ripe crops and the technology and engineering to harvest it without damaging it. 

Future of Farming

The robots have the potential of profoundly revolutionizing farming.  They are capable of providing alerts on crop disease, irrigation issues and other problems in farm fields.  Experts forecast the robots will help farmers better operate their businesses, provide guidance on growing crops and change the harvest. In the case of Eagle robot, it operates 24/7, stopping only for recharge and cleaning.  It transmits real-time crop information, uses robotic arms to pick crops and has more than 40 cameras with 3D mapping to navigate the fields. It's a  look at the robotic future of farming.


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