1st From Space, Exoplanet Radio Signal

 Mysterious Radio Signal from Exoplanet

               Source: Cornell University - Bootes & Magnetic Field

A First From Space

This is an extraordinary scientific finding from space.  You might characterize it as an exoplanet talking to Earth.  A research team of scientists led by researcher Jake Turner at Cornell University has detected a mysterious radio signal from an exoplanet deep within space.  The radio "message" comes from the constellation Tau Bootes.  It is the first radio signal ever discovered from one of the 4,500 exoplanets documented by astronomers, trillions of miles above the Earth.  Their work has been published in the prestigious scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics.

The Search For Life in Space

Is this a message from an alien world?  Well, researchers think the radio signals may provide a new way to explore the possibilities that life does exist outside of the Earth in places like exoplanets deep in space in alien worlds.  Lead researcher Jake Turner believes, based on the strength and the polarization of the radio signal, that it is coming from an exoplanet within constellation Bootes.  Interestingly, Bootes is 51 light years from the Earth.  And, every light year equals 6 trillion miles.  The technology to explore and find a radio signal that far away from the Earth is amazing.  The team made the discovery using a highly advanced radio telescope in the Netherlands, the LOFAR telescope. 


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