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1st From Space, Exoplanet Radio Signal

  Mysterious Radio Signal from Exoplanet                    Source: Cornell University - Bootes & Magnetic Field A First From Space This is an extraordinary scientific finding from space.  You might characterize it as an exoplanet talking to Earth.  A research team of scientists led by researcher Jake Turner at Cornell University has detected a mysterious radio signal from an exoplanet deep within space.  The radio "message" comes from the constellation Tau Bootes.  It is the first radio signal ever discovered from one of the 4,500 exoplanets documented by astronomers, trillions of miles above the Earth.  Their work has been published in the prestigious scientific journal Astronomy and Astrophysics. The Search For Life in Space Is this a message from an alien world?  Well, researchers think the radio signals may provide a new way to explore the possibilities that life does exist outside of the Earth in places like exoplanets deep in space in alien worlds.  Lead researcher

Smart Food Cartons: Knowing Fresh

Cornell University Innovation Source:  Stock image  Milk Cartons that Are Smart and Help You This new gadget technology, a smart food carton, is designed to prevent food waste by helping consumers and retailers know how fresh a product actually is.  The container is more precise than the expiration dates we look for on a product.  Cornell University food scientists call it the carton of the future.  It gives consumers precise "best-by time" data. Shelf Life Information that is Precise The Cornell team is applying digital agriculture tools directly to the cartons to specify the shelf life and history of the product.  Their research is particularly targeted at milk cartons because consumers get rid of them so quickly based on the best by date.  Most consumers don't know that date indicates when the product is likely to be at peak quality not the expiration date. Cornell's  New Tech Cornell has developed a QR code and sensor placed inside the smart carton. 

Saving Endangered Elephants with AI

Cornell University Behavioral Biologists AI Push Source:  Central African Republic Forest Elephants Wildlife Conservation AI Innovation A team of behavioral biologists from Cornell University are working in the Central African Republic.  Their focus is forest elephants which are endangered by high levels of poaching in the world's second largest forest.  The scientists are picking up and deciphering the elusive elephants' cries and vocalizations using 50 sensors over 480 square miles. Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue Using AI deep learning, they're analyzing the huge volume of recordings and picking out 15,000 elephant calls over a 3 week period to pinpoint elephant alarm calls, warning that something is wrong.  They are also testing prototypes for real-time detection of danger such as from poachers. AI Enabling Conservation Artificial intelligence is opening up new technologies that can dramatically improve the way we study and protect wildlife.  AI revolu