Saving Endangered Elephants with AI

Cornell University Behavioral Biologists AI Push
Source:  Central African Republic Forest Elephants
Wildlife Conservation AI Innovation
A team of behavioral biologists from Cornell University are working in the Central African Republic.  Their focus is forest elephants which are endangered by high levels of poaching in the world's second largest forest.  The scientists are picking up and deciphering the elusive elephants' cries and vocalizations using 50 sensors over 480 square miles.

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue
Using AI deep learning, they're analyzing the huge volume of recordings and picking out 15,000 elephant calls over a 3 week period to pinpoint elephant alarm calls, warning that something is wrong.  They are also testing prototypes for real-time detection of danger such as from poachers.

AI Enabling Conservation
Artificial intelligence is opening up new technologies that can dramatically improve the way we study and protect wildlife.  AI revolutionizes processing of huge amounts of data from monitoring wildlife by cameras, recordings, satellites, people on the ground and analyzes it quickly.

Out of Africa
At the moment, it remains to be seen whether the AI technology will enable the Cornell team to monitor and save the forest elephants on a massive scale over tens of thousands of square kilometers, where other methods aren't adequate.  It's a battle of AI technology overcoming forest elephant extinction largely from poachers.  And it's well worth the fight.   


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