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30% of Global Tree Species in Danger of Extinction

  Shocking New Global Report on the State of Global Trees                                                            Source:  Magnolia Tree in front of Castle                                                  Source: Magnolia Trees                                               Source: Dipterocarp Trees                                                  Source: Maple Trees                                      Source: Oak Trees Stock Images  Action & Innovative Solutions Needed A landmark report by the Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) finds that 1/3 of the world's tree species, or 17,500, are at risk of extinction and hundreds more, 440 tree species, are at the point of extinction with less than 50 trees, in each species, still in existence. The hardest hit species are magnolias, Southeast Asia's dipterocarps, oaks and maples.  BGCI Secretary General Paul Smith says the "State of the World's Trees Report" is a wake-up call for people globally that

Firefly Species Facing Extinction Globally

Number of Environmental Factors Encroaching on their Habitats New Global Research One of nature's most beautiful and mysterious creatures - fireflies - are under threat globally.  This is another vestige of the perils of the global environment which is warming and being altered by Climate Change.  There are a number of causes to this existential threat including habitat loss and pesticides.  But a surprising new cause has been added by scientists to the mix.  The global expansion of light pollution from electric lights is causing major disruption to fireflies' nocturnal flights.  The world's light pollution is adding to the environmental stress already harming the global firefly population. Vanishing Natural Beauty A global assessment involving 350 top firefly experts has just been released.  Their conclusion is that some of the 2,000 species of fireflies now face extinction.  They found that fireflies are rapidly vanishing from many places where th

Important Innovations Collection: Science Saving Oldest Horse Breeds

UK's Oldest Horse Breed Is Critically Endangered Source:  Suffolk Punch Stallions stock image Suffolk Punch Stallions Dating Back to Early 16th Century Science, technology and genetics are being used by concerned British experts to save from extinction Britain's oldest horse breed, the Suffolk Punch Stallion that dates back to the early 16th century.  A new scientific partnership is underway to save the Suffolk Punch along with 12 other very old horse breeds, like the Shetland Pony and the Welsh Pony, along with livestock breeds.  For details on this scientific rescue effort, go to Important Innovations Collection: Science Saving Oldest Horse Breeds : Suffolk Punch Stallions - Oldest Horse Breed in UK Source:  Stock image of Suffolk Punch Stallions Dates Back to Early 16th Century a...

Saving Endangered Elephants with AI

Cornell University Behavioral Biologists AI Push Source:  Central African Republic Forest Elephants Wildlife Conservation AI Innovation A team of behavioral biologists from Cornell University are working in the Central African Republic.  Their focus is forest elephants which are endangered by high levels of poaching in the world's second largest forest.  The scientists are picking up and deciphering the elusive elephants' cries and vocalizations using 50 sensors over 480 square miles. Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue Using AI deep learning, they're analyzing the huge volume of recordings and picking out 15,000 elephant calls over a 3 week period to pinpoint elephant alarm calls, warning that something is wrong.  They are also testing prototypes for real-time detection of danger such as from poachers. AI Enabling Conservation Artificial intelligence is opening up new technologies that can dramatically improve the way we study and protect wildlife.  AI revolu

Bold Genetic Tech to Save White Rhinos

Reversing Extinction Through artificial insemination, a southern white rhino named Victoria is pregnant at the San Diego Zoo.  This pregnancy is a major triumph for a species tettering on extinction.  Researchers hope Victoria can save the northern white rhino sub-species. Poaching Decimated the Herds The last northern white male rhino died 2 months ago of old age and illness in Kenya.  But the northern white herd has been decimated by poachers.  Victoria needs to carry her calf to term 16 to 18 months.  If she does, she could serve as a surrogate mother for the northern white rhino. She's one of 6 female southern white rhinos at the Zoo whom scientists hope can serve as surrogate mothers for the northern white.  There are only 2 female northern white rhinos left in existence.  They're in Kenya but incapable of bearing a calf. Genetic Technology at Work to Save a Species There are no northern white rhino eggs.  Scientists are using genetic technology to convert frozen