Your Outdoor HoverChair

Hovering Hangouts
Source:  Crua Outdoors

Innovation in Packable Furniture
The HoverChair is packable hanging furniture from the innovative gear company Crua Outdoors, based in County Cork, Ireland.  It's light weight, folds up tiny and is made to hang from a tree or other overhead support.  According to company, it's a super comfortable hangout in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Comfort
The HoverChair joins a number of new options in packable outdoor furniture.  But the company claims this one is extra comfort innovation.  It weighs only 3.9 pounds and you can set it up in under a minute.  It includes an air cushioned seat, optional footrest, mesh back, spreader bar and pockets.

Gaelic ComfortChair
Crua is Gaelic for "forgiving" which in this sense means easy to use.  Crua Outdoors is a global, outdoor gear company with a product line that includes advanced innovation in tents.


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