Smart Curtin Removes Indoor Pollution

Air Purifying Textile
Source:  Ikea's GUNRID Curtain & Mauricio Affonso

Innovation from Ikea Based on Plants
Ikea has developed a textile, first being deployed in curtains, that purifies the air from pollutants inside your house.  Inside air pollution in homes is a huge problem.  It causes 4.3 million deaths per year globally.  In some parts of the world, indoor air pollutions is five times higher than outside air pollution.

The new material and curtains is called GUNRID.  It's been developed by an international team of scientists, engineers, designers and specialists, including from Asian and European Universities  The team is led by Ikea's Mauricio Affonso.

New Material
GUNRID works with light to filter toxins from the air inside the home such as odors and formaldehyde.  The fabric has been treated with a photocatalyst that can break down common pollutants. It works in a way very similar to how plants filter out toxins. The chemicals in the curtain work with light or artificial light against pollutants. The company believes the coating can be applied to other material.  GUNRID curtains will be available in 2020.  For more news blogs on innovation go to


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