Important Innovations Collection: Habitat Offers Undersea Shelter

New Underwater Breathing and Resting Space for Divers

Ocean Space Habitat
This is new ocean innovation.  Ocean Space Habitat is an underwater habitat with battery powered fans that provides divers with a place to breath freely without their mask and rest before continuing their diving and ocean exploration.  The innovators have a larger, more specialized "underwater tent" under development to serve as a research station for scientists and their equipment.  For a more detailed news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: Habitat Offers Undersea Shelter: New Underwater Breathing Space for Divers Source: Ocean Space Habitat Underwater Innovation The underwater, sheltering space is call...


  1. not really new on this one! check out this old US Navy project from many years ago:

    of course, there are also many other publicized projects, and many "unaccountable special-access programs", judging from the sizes of humongous black-budgets:


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