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All Electric and Self Balancing

Source:  Stator

A New Way to Scoot
It's called Stator and it's a self-balancing scooter, largely by its very wide tires. The vehicle is about to launch.  The scooter is all-electric, green and is designed as an alternative means of urban travel. Stator is a California based company. The vehicle designer and company founder is Nathan Allen. The vehicle is being tested and readied for launch.  No pricing on it yet.   Here are a few specifics on it:
  • Reaches maximum speeds of 25 mph
  • 4 hour charge provides 20 miles of ride time
  • 1.2 hour fast charge option
  • Use a keyless RFID startup
  • Breaks and throttle are on the right side
  • The large rear tire holds the 1000 watt motor
  • The front tire controls direction
  • It weighs 90 pounds and can carry up to 250 pounds
  • It folds for easier transport
  • There are 3 programmable power settings: learner, intermediate, expert.       .


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