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Scooter Sensation Stator

All Electric and Self Balancing Source:  Stator A New Way to Scoot It's called Stator and it's a self-balancing scooter, largely by its very wide tires. The vehicle is about to launch.  The scooter is all-electric, green and is designed as an alternative means of urban travel. Stator is a California based company. The vehicle designer and company founder is Nathan Allen. The vehicle is being tested and readied for launch.  No pricing on it yet.   Here are a few specifics on it: Reaches maximum speeds of 25 mph 4 hour charge provides 20 miles of ride time 1.2 hour fast charge option Use a keyless RFID startup Breaks and throttle are on the right side The large rear tire holds the 1000 watt motor The front tire controls direction It weighs 90 pounds and can carry up to 250 pounds It folds for easier transport There are 3 programmable power settings: learner, intermediate, expert.       .